Whats all the Commotion About?


The dozen dirtiest Great Lakes beaches in 2008 were
Jeorse Park Beach I in Lake County, Indiana (67%),
followed by North Point Marina North Beach in Lake
County, Illinois (61%), Jeorse Park Beach II in Lake
County, Indiana (53%), Lakeshore Park in Ashtabula
County, Ohio (53%), Crescent Sail Yacht Club beach in
Wayne County, Michigan (52%), Wisconsin Point Beach
2 in Douglas County, Wisconsin (52%), Buffington
Harbor Beach in Lake County, Indiana (50%), South
Shore Beach in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (49%), Euclid State Park in Cuyahoga County, Ohio (47%), Villa Angela
State Park in Cuyahoga County, Ohio (45%), Fischer Park Beaches in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (44%), and Krull
Park in Niagara County, New York (42%). (Swimming in the Great Lakes)


        Water pollution can affect more than one person may expect. Water pollution destroys and kills. The garbage that found its way into a body of water can contaminate the water, so the water is no longer safe, it can ruin the homes of animals living their, and it could kill animals there. " In rivers, oceans and seas, water pollution effects flora and fauna in them. Further, the birds and animals that consume this contaminated food supply can perish. Blood diseases, nervous system disorders and heart diseases are some of the effects of water pollution. Many toxins in polluted water lead to cancer." (Burande) 

Oill Spills

         Oil spills are one of the worst forms of water pollution. Oil completely destroys the water in contaminates, and kills vast numbers of the wild life around the spill. Oil spills don’t occur that often, but when they do, they aren’t ignored.

The Contributers . . .

Big businesses are one of the worst contributors of water pollution. The harmful chemicals and waste they use and produce is very far from good when it enters out fresh water supply. These chemicals that enter our water can be vertualy harmless, or they could be leathal. But wether the chemical is safe, or dangerous, that doesnt make it ok to be in our fresh water.